Water Canary

The Water Canary is a fast, networked, water-­testing device that radically reduces the amount of time, money, and skill required to test untreated or inadequately treated water for pathogens. The ability to test water quickly and accurately is a missing link in evidence-based humanitarian response. In the ongoing race against the waterborne illnesses that claim 3 million lives annually, the Water Canary project is dedicated to developing the testing technology that strategically assists international public health and disaster relief efforts. Most recently, the Water Canary team was a winner in the NYU Stern Business Plan Competition. We are currently developing our fifth prototype with an eye towards a large pilot in 2011.

The Water Canary is the product of a close collaboration between UNICEF’s Innovations Unit, NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP), and the NYU School of Medicine Microbiology Lab. Visit our website at watercanary.com

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