In order to be a Geogenius, you have to be able to do two things:

1. Decipher cryptic text and pictures about and from your city and neighborhood
2. Challenge pretenders to your Genius throne by making smarter clues than them

Geogenius was developed in the Fall of 2009, during an early and productive time in the geo-locative mobile app scene. Scavenger hunts tend to be large scale scheduled events, that require plenty of foresight if you want to participate. Instead, we designed an ongoing game that allows players to grab unsolved clues based on their vicinity, so they can play whenever that have a chance and impulse. We also made sure to incentivize not just traditional clue solving, but also the creation of clues for other players. We think it’s the kind of game that appeals to 80% solvers and 20% clue creators, a great mix of puzzle lovers. The working app was displayed at the ITP Winter 2008 show. was created in collaboration with Corey Menscher for the Designing Around Place course at ITP taught by Dennis Crowley and Michael Sharon. Sage game design advice was provided by Jaymes Dec, Matt Parker and Charles Amis.

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