Dimatos Family

I’ve owned the dimatos.com domain since September 1998, a birthday gift from Mehmet Bozatli.

Why do you get to own it?

Because I got here first, thanks to Mehmet.

My last name is also Dimatos! Can I have an email account / an address ?

Sure, why not, the internet is pretty good about minimal marginal costs. You, and your many cousins, have three options:

  • subdomain forwarding: If you already have a site such as http://jackdimatos.com, I can make a subdomain that forwards to that address so that if someone visits http://jack.dimatos.com they actually just automatically end up on http://jackdimatos.com. No big whoop. In general, unless it’s being used, you can ask me for anyword.dimatos.com.
  • email forwarding: An email address in the form of firstName@dimatos.com, that forwards to your existing email address. Again, this isn’t a new email address, it’s just an address that automatically ends up in your current email inbox.┬áMost modern webmail providers also include the option to send from that address.
  • Link: Everyone has the option to be included as a link from this family page to their personal site. This can include a social networking page (e.g. facebook) if you’d like.

What you give in return

There are more than one Dimatos families around. If you don’t already belong to one of the existing families on the site, you need to give in order to get. The first member of a new Family has to provide a family tree that includes at least 4 generations of named Dimatos members. This elaborate family tree will be crowd-sourced.

Dimatos Families represented

  • Dimatos family of Kolaiti, “”Gianneleiko”.
  • Dimatos family of Florianopolis, Brazil.